Peter Bartram is an author and journalist who has written 26 books and nearly 4,000 articles for newspapers and magazines.

Peter Bartram - Non-Fiction

Reviews spanning Peter’s career

“The real value of this book is the insight it gives into the world of journalism. Peter Bartram’s broad experience as an editor, business writer and journalist who has written for newspapers and magazines, coupled with the gritty views of those surveyed, provides an authentic view of journalism and the media which only those on the ‘inside’ would see.”

Professional Marketing magazine on How to Write the Perfect Press Release

“Mr Bartram’s advice is sensible and practical. For instance, he pours scorn on the mealy-mouthed euphemisms and evasive polysyllables that come out of so many companies… his guidance away from the self-important to the straightforward should be read by everyone who writes anything .”

Daily Telegraph on Perfect Business Writing

“Facing the press can be a harrowing experience for any business person, whether they have got something to hide or not. Well prepared and well armed with this book, you should be able to get your message across with ease and confidence. The authors… give extremely useful checklists and exercises for planning your press campaign, and even how to control your nerves and equilibrium in the face of hostile questions from reporters.”

Evening Sentinel on The Complete Spokesperson

“Mr Bartram manages to combine much admiration, a little critical detachment, solid research and grasp of facts, and meditations on Liberal politics in a book which any thinking Liberal would be delighted to find in his Christmas stocking.”

The Sunday Times on David Steel: His life and politics

 “…well written, and contains the kind of advice that would help all writers, not just press officers.”

Writers Monthly on Writing A Press Release

“…a concise and useful guide for those who lack confidence in their business writing.”

International Accountant magazine on The Quick Guide To Great Business Writing

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