“Hardboiled meets cozy mystery? Let’s call it soft boiled!! Loads of laughs, action, and genuine 1960s England. Fabulous”

5-star reviewer

“A bright and breezy set of stories – there are some clever ideas in them.”

In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel

Crime reporter

Colin Crampton…

…uses every newspaper scam he knows to crack 10 more mysteries

A crime reporter chasing headlines
The clues that set him on the trail
The dangers he faces to land his scoops

Colin Crampton opens up his casebook to share 10 of the most baffling stories he’s ever chased. Why was a room in a widow’s home filled to the ceiling with second-hand clothes? How did a single red sock lead Colin to unmask a cop killer? What deadly secret was that innocent seafront ice-cream parlour hiding?

Just how was a fraudster fixing races at the greyhound stadium? What secret did the mystery blue suitcase from the railways station’s left luggage office hold? You’ll find the answers to these and other mysteries here.

Book cover of Murder From The Newsdesk by Peter Bartram

A bright and breezy set of stories – there are some clever ideas in them.

In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel

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