Peter Bartram is an author and journalist who has written 26 books and nearly 4,000 articles for newspapers and magazines.


Nearly 4000 and counting

Peter Bartram has written nearly 4,000 feature articles for newspapers and magazines as well as countless news stories. His articles include cover features for national magazines as well as the editorial content for complete supplements.

Peter has a reputation for delivering tightly-written, accurate copy to short deadlines. Indeed, when editors have a project with a deadline that looks barely possible, they’ll often turn to Peter to see if it can be done.

Peter’s articles are always grounded in thorough research. He has a reputation for being able to dig out facts that others have overlooked – and his wide experience as an interviewer means that he can usually persuade even the most up-tight interviewee to say something interesting!

Peter is completely at home working on projects with an international dimension. He has researched stories – and interviewed people – based in Europe, north America and the Asia-Pacific region.

Some of the dozens of publications Peter Bartram has written for…

Book cover of

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