“Humour, clever plotting, a warm sense of nostalgia and – above all – an abundance of charm.”

Fully Booked

Murder has never been such fun…

…pity the corpse never saw the joke

The dead body of a theatrical agent
A missing book worth a fortune
Five comedians in the frame for murder

There’s trouble for crime reporter Colin Crampton when theatrical agent Daniel Bernstein turns up murdered. Colin discovers that any of five comedians competing for the chance to appear on a top TV show could be behind the killing.

As Colin and his feisty girlfriend Shirley Goldsmith investigate, they encounter a cast of colourful characters – identical twin gangsters, an Irishman who lives underground, and a failed magician’s assistant. And it’s not long before their own lives are in peril as they battle to crack a code that could lead to a fortune.

Book cover of The Comedy Club Mystery by Peter Bartram

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“Humour, clever plotting, a warm sense of nostalgia and – above all – an abundance of charm.”

Fully Booked

“A quality offering from a talented writer who has honed his craft.”

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The Comedy Club Mystery is now an audiobook!

Narrated by Matt Jamie

Book cover of The Tango School Mystery by Peter Bartram

Listen to The Comedy Club Mystery sample...

by Peter Bartram | Narrated by Matt Jamie

Peter’s novels have characters from all over the world. I’ve done New York gangsters, Russian mobsters, the ever present Australian Girlfriend, Spanish Dance Teachers and, of course, a plethora of local Brighton folk.

Matt Jamie is an actor based in the North East of England. He trained at Drama Studio London and since then has worked on both sides of the stage, screen (and microphone), as an actor, director, film maker, photographer.

Matt has narrated several of the Headline Hero novels into audiobooks. He's also narrated an array of other novels, including the entire Inspector David Graham mystery series by Alison Golden, several other crime fiction books, a Phantom Of The Opera spin-off, and factual books on the moon landings, the secret life of the planets, and a book about an Italian Airship Disaster in the 1940s!

On radio matt has appeared in a couple of BBC radio dramas, and has produced a number of audio dramas for Alphabetti Theatre, Twisting Ducks Theatre Company, and for his own drama podcast series called "Playstream". More info on www.mattjamie.co.uk.

Book cover of

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